Are You An Attractive ‘Product’ To Employers?

Are you an attractive ‘Product’ to Employers? For most unemployed people, finding and securing that elusive job is not as simple as walking through the office door dressed in your best suit or ensemble and smiling sweetly at the receptionist. Sure, some people can do that, however, they are generally not like most of us who have to work at getting the things we want. After reading my last post, you should have some insight into the psyche of most employers. Finding a job is like ‘fishing’! You need to use all the information you can find to work out the best ‘fishing’ spots, work out the methods you will use to ‘fish’, and discover the best ‘bait’ to use. Most importantly, don’t be di

What Are You Worth To An Employer?

What are you worth to an employer? A young unemployed person approached me to enquire if I would offer them a job. I asked them how much they expected to be paid. $50,000 per year was the response. I paused for a moment to picture $50,000 sitting in my bank account. I noticed my 10-year-old car through the office window and reflected on the car I could buy with $50,000. I then pictured myself taking a $50,000 holiday with my family. I imagined the ‘home improvement’ I could build with $50,000 and enhanced lifestyle I could live if I do not employ this person. Of course, if I didn’t employ this person, I could spend that $50,000 every year on myself; not just for one single year. In my early

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