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Develop Your Organisation

What makes a great organisation?


An organisation’s vision should not be seen as an end point, but rather, a modus operandi for existence. The life of a dynamic organisation cannot be defined in terms of a beginning and an end point, but instead, must be seen as a state of existence.


A business manager must constantly monitor the global environment external to the organisation and make continuous adjustments to the organisation’s operations to ensure their destination is desirable and fruitful

Group One Business Solutions Compliance RTO development training



In simple terms, leaders need to guide staff towards a clear vision and implement systems to guide them towards desirable outcomes. Communication amongst all staff is the key to sharing information and ensuring everything works. Monitoring the organisation's greater environment is the key to keeping up, and maximising, contact with customers.


It's not difficult to plan and implement a system to run a business. However, it does need some basic management knowledge and a good deal of discipline.

Dynamic Organisational Structure


  • decentralised decision making based on guidelines rather than permissions

  • communication that is both vertical and horizontal, amongst all internal staff, and extending to external partners

  • emphasis on commitment to a clear vision and development strategies

  • work defined in terms of general task parameters and outcomes

  • continual task adjustment as needed in line with others involved in the task and other activity within organisation

  • continuous monitoring of the operating environments by everyone, and rapid response to changes

  • uncovering tacit knowledge and efficient dissemination of knowledge throughout the organisation

Group One Business Solutions Compliance RTO development training



Group One Business Solutions has establish a dedicated division to focus on Compliance, Accreditation and Continuous Improvement.


It has hands-on expereince with RTO (Registered Training Organisation) compliance and TSV (Transport Safety Victoria) accreditation.

Risk Management


This is a field that is becoming increasingly important in organisations. It is also a field that many people struggle to understand. Group One Business Solutions has been working with businesses since the early 1990s helping to compile risk management plans and cascading the strategies and risk treatments into operations manuals and staff training programmes.


Group One Business Solutions has particular experience with the transport industry.

Operations Management


Many organisations neglect to examine their overall processes, policies, culture and structure to determine whether these will enable their team of people to be customer focused.


Traditionally, organisations have been stifled with bureaucratic structures, autocratic policies, linear cause-and-effect systems and rigid departmentalisation. This creates a staff culture that is self focused, has inter-departmental competition and an attitude of workplace 'survival'.

New Paradigm


Organisations need to adopt a new paradigm to foster innovation, creativity, staff security, pride and enthusiasm. Staff will not support the organisation's goals if they are unhappy, insecure, feel repressed and lack pride in their work. To survive in the turbulence of the future business environment, organisations must fuzzy the edges of their structures, harness and disseminate both the tacit and explicit knowledge within the organisation, open their external perimeter to the external world of their customers, and create an enthusiastic workforce.

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