Management Training Through Social Media

From where do you get your management knowledge? I follow several Linked In discussion groups. I learn more from them than I do from reading articles and attending seminars. I also contribute to some; making the ‘learning’ highly interactive. It is the first source I turn to for real-time information within the industries in which I work. Information sources I drew on 20 years ago have been supplemented (dare I say replaced) by Google, You Tube, Facebook, Linked In and other social media sites. Yet, recently, a registration auditor told me that Linked In does not count towards Professional Development (PD) for a trainer or manager of a registered training organisation (RTO) in Australia.

Practical Tips for Unemployed Over-50s

Practical Tips for Unemployed Over-50s I assume that some over-50s, who are currently out of work, will discover this blog and will appreciate some practical tips on how they should proceed to secure their future. Having experienced retrenchment from a large organisation a few years ago, I discovered first hand how difficult it is to get re-established when you should be looking at retirement. It was even harder trying to present myself to employers as a 40+ aged worker when I was actually closer to 60! Ironically, many retrenchments of the 'over 50s' are a result of ineffective management by people considerably younger in age; and less knowledgeable and experienced. If the ‘smart, young, g

Marketing In Remote Locations - Coke & Health Care

You can buy a Coke anywhere! So why can’t you access health care anywhere? Melinda Gates’ compares Coke’s marketing & distribution with the distribution of health care products and messages in underdeveloped countries. The video I wish to share with you highlights the creative strategy that Coke used to distribute their products into remote villages in Africa. Melinda Gates (the wife of Microsoft founder, Bill Gates) explains how her not-for-profit organisation adapted Coke’s strategy to spread their health care services into similar remote locations. As you watch it, see if you can draw similarities between these strategies and the strategies that many companies use to spread their marketin

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