Your Professional Development Register

How should you record your Professional Development? What should you include on it? Many organisations and professional membership bodies like to see, or make it compulsory, for staff or members to undertake Professional Development to ensure their vocational/professional skills and knowledge maintain currency (are kept up-to-date). Professional Development is not a ‘learning’ exercise if it is experienced passively. Sitting in a seminar half asleep and not interacting with the presentation or discussion rarely produces any learning or ‘change in behaviour’ of the participant! To be considered as extending someone’s skills and knowledge, the key information must be identified and contextuali

One Planet ... One Race ... One Destiny

As One Mind We Dream … As One Body We Yield! Sounds like the catchphrase for an humanitarian organisation; and it is! It is not to draw attention to this or any other movement that I quote this motto, but to highlight that Business, Education and Individual People are all connected pawns in the destiny of our planet. Whilst this post is inspired by recent unrest around the globe that has fuelled war, terrorism and fear amongst many, it is not intended to debate the virtues of actions or to apportion blame for suppression or loss of life to any belief, culture race or faction. Instead, I direct your attention to the power of two things we can all individually control and apply towards a susta

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