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One Planet ... One Race ... One Destiny

As One Mind We Dream

… As One Body We Yield!

Sounds like the catchphrase for an humanitarian organisation; and it is!

It is not to draw attention to this or any other movement that I quote this motto, but to highlight that Business, Education and Individual People are all connected pawns in the destiny of our planet.

Whilst this post is inspired by recent unrest around the globe that has fuelled war, terrorism and fear amongst many, it is not intended to debate the virtues of actions or to apportion blame for suppression or loss of life to any belief, culture race or faction.

Instead, I direct your attention to the power of two things we can all individually control and apply towards a sustainable future for the world. The Mind and the Body.

There are numerous examples of people ‘coming together’ as one body to achieve amazing things. Examples of individuals forming into united bodies are scattered through the history of the world and are highly visible in business organisations. The building of structures such as the Pyramids, moratoriums that accelerate social change, human bonding that forms during disasters, are just a few examples.

Most of us are prepared to ‘roll up our sleeves’ and contribute our physical effort.

Focusing the minds of people towards a sustainable future is not so easy.

No two people have identical thought processes. The mind can act in a split second whereas physical actions take considerably longer. Whilst it is possible to see, feel or hear a physical action, it is not so easy to ‘read’ the thoughts of people.

Most unfortunate is that our thought processes are influenced by the knowledge and information that enters our minds.

When we open our minds to new information and knowledge, are we like a rubbish bin lifting its lid for repugnant contents and other people’s leftovers? Is this input likely to brew into undesirable output; being negative thoughts and actions?

Or do we open our minds to good quality information and knowledge that can be synthesised and processed into thoughts and actions that drive us to contribute to a better world.

The point of this post is to encourage positive thoughts and actions by really thinking deeply about the stimulants that are feeding our minds. The content of our information must be rational and unbiased. It requires us to accept it with tolerance. We need to share our processed thoughts with others by encouraging positive, humane and tolerant actions.

In its simplest form, this is Education. It is critical that all people, but most importantly the youth of the world, are provided with a positive, broad education that fosters inquiry and a thirst for understanding of Global Sustainability. The world needs clean air, clean water, food and shelter for everyone, universal medical care, and tolerance towards each other.

It is through our education systems, with the support of ordinary business people setting an example, that ‘humble’ people can create change. It is our minds and our thought processes that will create ‘one world’ with one body of people all working towards a better future.

Tim Sillcock

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