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How does Personal Development relate to the success of Management?

How does Personal Development relate to the success of Management?

It is fairly clear that it fits into the ‘Nervous System’ or ‘Operations Management’.

I have often been asked by students and colleagues why it's important to understand concepts around ‘personal development’. Why do Managers need to understand goal setting, time management, stress management, planning, communication skills, rapport, networking and health & fitness?

The answer is so simple that you can be excused for not getting it! Yet so many managers do not possess these skills.

Simply, if a manager doesn’t have their ‘own house in order’, then how can they manage, organise and motivate others? How can mangers who are disorganised, lack direction and are apathetic, run a business? Sadly, many managers and business owners don’t understand this simple concept. There are examples of poor management everywhere. Most ineffective management begins with a manager lacking in personal skills and qualities. They are often insecure, feel threatened by subordinates and colleagues and create chaos and inefficiency around them.

If your are in Business or Management expose yourself to the criteria that make up personal development and search for more information on these skills; then begin to practice them.

I suggest you seek more knowledge on:

Goal setting

Time Management

Stress management

Logical/rational thinking and problem solving

Creative thinking and problem solving

Communication skills

Building an image or persona

Building rapport and finding harmony with people around you with and your environment

There are lots of simple books, videos, PowerPoints and short courses available.

Your success is in your hands. Success is not out of your reach.

Tim Sillcock


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