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Business Hubs


Group One Business Hubs are indepentent divisions of Group One Business Solutions Pty Ltd.

Some hubs offer internships in which trainees can gain real work experience whilst they train. In some instances, there are opportunities to earn income and progress into a careeer with the business hub.

Adventurama Business Hub


Adventurama is an adventure tourism business. Once a large and dynamic adventure activity provider based in Melbourne, Australia, it offered white water rafting, rock climbing & abseiling, caving, trekking, corporate training, and school programmes to clients across Victoria and through some parts of Australia.


Group One Business Solutions purchased the core business in 2013 and runs it as a live training hub for students who are studying marketing, tourism and bookkeeping.


Plans to expand courses into local and international tourism will provide budding entrepreneurs with a long term business operation to test their ideas and develop their own organisations.

Group One Bookkeeping Business Hub


A company owned division of Group One Business Solutions, Group One Bookkeeping is a business hub that provides bookkeeping and basic accounting services to clients and internships to students and former students; under the direction and guidance of a CPA accountant.


Budding entrepreneurs may join an intership programme with the business hub to work in the industry, further developing their skills and knowledge and, if they wish, to develop their own business.


Ideally suited to International Students who have completed their studies in Australia and need work experience to adjust to Australian working conditions and regulations. 

Newbridge Real Estate


This hub is a registered and operating real estate business in Victoria. Trainees can join the business hub as an intern while they study real estate.


The initial entry to work in real estate is to study the agent's reps courses; five units from the Certificate IV Real Estate course. Then we can assist with selecting a course to study and will provide tutoring for interns.


Once the Reps course is completed, interns may request to be registered with Newbridge Real Estate as an Agent's Representative. The full Agent's Licence requires completion of the full Agent's course and, in Victoria, 12 months of registration with a real estate agent (working full time or longer if working P/T)

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Academy of Business and Commerce


This hub is a mix of formal training and mentoring in Entrepreneurship and Business Development; whilst enjoying an amazing business adventure.

The days of writing Business Plans, as a static blueprints, are gone! In place is the need for a Framework that establishes parameters around a ‘modus operandi’; a business model that exists within the chaotic business environment of today that allows the organisation to maintain a focus on its destination, but is enabled to be bounced around by the constantly changing external environment.

It is like sailing a yacht to a destination but constantly making adjustments in response to external forces, such as changes in the wind and the tides, whilst also satisfying the needs of those onboard, such as their chosen destination. Your business should be an ‘adventure’; confronting the unknown with a goal in mind.

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