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Starting a new Business ...


Don't do a thing until you have contacted us!


We won't charge you anything - call as many times as you like! We'll happily chat to you about the opportunities and pitfalls of starting a business. If you have already begun, call us anyway!


Why are we happy to help you free of charge?


Because we had some amazing business mentors around us when we set out in business, who shared their experiences, insights and wisdom, and we would like to pass-on their kindness.

Chat to us for Free Advice


We are delighted to chat to people who wish to start a business or who have a business operating but need help to sort it out or develop it.


We've worked through the process of business start-ups many times and fully understand the excitement of seeing a successful organisation evolve. We also know the traps and pitfalls that, if not managed early, will make your business a huge stress in your life and possibly lead to financial hardship.


In our own business ventures over the past 30 years, we made mistakes and occasionally lost direction. So don't be embarrassed if your business is not on-track. Have the foresight to get help before you get into a mess. Don't be too proud to think you will be successful without help. Google, Apple, Microsoft and all the contemporary great companies had help to grow and prosper. 

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Buy our Business Starter Kit

Our Business Starter Kit consists of:

  • Company registered in your name

  • Accounting system in place

  • Business / Marketing Plan

  • Web Site & domain name, email

  • Coaching & Support for three months to help with Bookkeeping, Business Planning and Marketing, Web site Development, Social Media


Many business owners we help ask us to stick with them to keep them on track, managing their bookkeeping, assisting with marketing, particularly with social media and low cost promotion, establishing the organisation's operations systems and stirring along the entrepreneurship.


Ongoing Business Support


We'll work with you to undertake a Health Check of your existing business or to help plan a new business venture.


The key areas that we'll look at are:

  • Financial Management, bookkeeping, cash flow, debtor and creditor management, projections

  • Marketing, promotion, selling techniques, distribution, web & social media effectiveness and customer feedback

  • Operations, HR, technology, systems, compliance and work safety

  • Entrepreneurship


You can then seek our ongoing help with all, or any of these areas.


Our fees are aligned with the size of your business. When your turn-over is low, we charge a minimal amount as we want to see your business grow rather than drain it of its profit.

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