Sales Staff Incentive Schemes

Tell us about a staff incentive scheme!

I recently heard about a Sales Staff Incentive Scheme in a retail environemnt in which the Manager's bonus was halved so that the company could share the other half with the store staff. They claimed that they had reseearched incentive schemes accross the world prior to implementing this scheme.

Naturally, most managers were disenchanted by losing half of their bonus. It seemed to me that having disengaged managers would be detrimental to the organisation. I wonder what research founded such a scenario! Certainly nothing I have studied in my years of management training, education and practice.

What are your thoughts? How could a better incentive scheme be inplemented. How would you award it? How would you finance it? How would you prevent staff from becoming too competitive and from neglecting 'house keeping' duties in favour of selling?

Tim Sillcock


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