Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)

Buy or sell an RTO

Our sister company, Newbridge Business Brokers, is a registered real estate and business broking company. It represents only 'clean' RTOs and reputable buyers. Many RTOs have hidden issues that are often only revealed after an audit by the Regulator. Generally the seller is unaware of issues and the buyer cannot undertake the level of due diligence to identify issues.

Therefore, we avoid involvement with RTOs that may have issues with non-compliance, operations, student engagement or finance.

Adding courses to RTO scope

Whilst the addition of scope process may be quite simple for some courses and RTOs, it might also require special conditions to be addressed or require an audit by ASQA. The minimum requirement is to have sound training and assessment material, suitable trainers, a comprehensive training strategy that identifies your target learner audience, a panel of industry consultants, a validation process in place, and to ensure your pre-training information covers all required points. We can assist you with your application. 

Adding CRICOS Registration

To recruit and enrol International students requires the RTO to be added to the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). It is regulated under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000; commonly known as the ESOS Act or the ESOS Framework. The framework guides the regulations and standards under which RTOs must operate if registered for CRICOS. We can assist RTOs to apply for CRICOS registration and support them through the early operations to ensure compliance and success. 

Compliance, Audits and Operations

Once registered as an RTO, many organisations lose sight of their compliance obligations or fail to implement processes to ensure compliance. The simplest method to pass compliance audits is to remain compliant at all times. We suggest to our clients that they schedule a monthly continuous improvement meeting with their appropriate staff during which min-audits may be conducted, issues raised and resolved and action plans developed. The schedule and process must be disciplined. Often an external consultant can help to keep the process objective and focused.  

Creating course materials

The development of course material is generally a highly specialisted skill. Many RTOs purchase commercially produced material that can be adapted and contextualised for their RTO and student cohort. If commercial material is unavailable, it needs to be written by a person or team who have content knowledge and experience with assessment compliance issues. We have a number of people within our group who can assist with course material development, or if it is a field outside our expertise, we may know of experts to whom we can refer our clients. 

Adding funding and VET Student Loans

Applications for Government Funding in each state has unique requirements. However, most funding and VET Student Loan applications have a strong focus on the financial aspects of the RTOs. We will generally refer clients to their own accountant or to a specialist accountant to compile the financials. We can assist with aspects relating to policies and procedures, course and delivery information, trainers and general operational processes. 

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